How to change your WiFi password

Your wifi network password is the password you use to connect to the wifi network provided by your gf547 modem. To change the password for your WiFi network, you will need to log in to the gf547 modem configuration page that allows you to configure various settings related to your WiFi network. To change your network password:

Internet browser :, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard:

Log in to the Advanced WiFi Modem page with the following information:

Username: cusadmin (must be in lowercase)

Password: Enter the password as it is on the white label on the top or side of the WiFi modem. Note that this information is case-sensitive, so enter the information exactly as it appears on the modem

Next to Passphrase you can enter your favorite WiFi network password

If you want to change the network password for your 2.4 GHz network, you must first select the “2.4GHz” tab before changing the channel

Select Apply to save the changes

Shaw arris modem wireless network configuration