ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router Set Up Guide

ASUS RT-N66U is a widely held 802.11a/b/g/n router on the market. It’s fast, very powerful and has a considerate price tag. This router’s quick internet setup makes it easy for all users to enjoy all of the RT-N66U’s capabilities in a matter of minutes

How to Set Up the ASUS RT-N66U?

STEP 1: Attach the Antennas. It’s easy to screw all three antennas onto the router to boost the range throughout your premises.

STEP 2: Plug the AC adapter into the router and power source.

STEP 3: Connect to internet device. Plug the router into an Internet device such as DSL modem, cable modem, or a fibre optic box. Plug the internet cable into the modem or box internet out port. Connect the other end into the blue Ethernet port on the back of the router.  

STEP 4: Configure Wireless setting. The Wi-Fi icon is located on the bottom right corner of Windows device and top right corner on Macs. Click on the icon

STEP 5: Connecting the Router. You can connect to ASUS or ASUS_5G. Both options work.

STEP 6: Router configuration on the access page. The browser will automatically take you to router set up page. Type into the address bar.

STEP 7: Set Up Username and Passcode. After accessing the Quick Internet Setup first step is to create an administrator’s username and passcode. The administrator info, username and password will be required if you want to alter any router setting. Anyone with your username and password accessing your Wi-Fi can adjust the setting, thus create a unique secure username and strong password. The router takes a few minute to detect internet connection type, thus wait.

STEP 8: Create a name for your network. Set up SSID to identify your network. The name needs to be creative and unique.

STEP 9: Reconnect your Network. After setting up a new name and password the network disconnects. Simply reconnect.

STEP 10: Return to router Access Page. Log in using the new username and password you created above. Check the administration tab.

STEP 11: Firmware Upgrade. Update firmware.

STEP 12: Check latest Firmware Version. Click on the Check button. It will take the router a few moments to connect to the ASUS website checking for an upgrade.


STEP 13: Upgrade the Router. After searching for an upgrade eventually, a window will appear requesting if you would like to upgrade the firmware. Check Yes or OK.

STEP 14: Firmware Download. Next, the firmware software will install.

STEP 15: Reboot the Router. A message will display:The router will reboot after completing the installation”. Rebooting takes a few minutes thus press the power button off and on to restart. 

STEP 16: Reconnect the Router. You will need to choose your router from options. Log back into the router through  using username and password created in step 7.

STEP 17: Confirm firmware upgrade at the firmware table by clicking Check.


Congratulations. You have successively configured your router, and it should be fully functioning & secure ASUS RT-N66U.