Linksys Default Login – Username, Password and IP Address

Setting up a Linksys Router to your home or office? Well, it is a very easy and quick process of Linksys Router Login. It is necessary to configure the Linksys Router and complete Linksys Login process to get access to your router and use your router. The IP address “” is net Linksys Router Login IP which allows the users to log into the Linksys router configuration page and set up the router for the usage of high-speed internet.

Many users also face troubles in the login and/or configuration step and they keep searching for the Linksys Router Not Working or not working but unable to connect to the internet. Take a look at this post available here and this will help you troubleshoot your router connectivity and related concerns.

Router Login

Log into the Linksys Router is the first step a user must complete to set up the Linksys router and get access or control over your router device.

Log into your router is important especially when you want to configure advanced Linksys Router settings. If you wished to change Linksys Router password, it will be also necessary to log into your router login portal.

It is necessary to have Linksys Router Default Password and Linksys Router Default IP to log into the router and configure or set up the router for the usage.

Linksys Default IP-

Linksys Default Password- admin

Linksys Router Login

Follow the steps given below to log into your router and set up the router and change the router settings.

  • Step- 1. Connect your internet supporting device to the router through the ethernet cable or by the Wi-Fi.

  • Step- 2. Open a web browser in your device and type “” correctly in the web browser URL which is your Linksys Router Default IP.

  • Step- 3. Enter the Linksys Router login credentials including a username and password top log into your login and configuration page.

    • “admin” is your Linksys router default password which needs to be entered there if you havn’t changed your router password before.
  • Step- 4. Click on an available option as “Login” there and you will be on your Linksys Router Admin page where you can configure your router for the usage and change Linksys router password.

It might be possible that you might be unable to log into your router login page or configuration page. If you are also facing the same trouble then check the following section as “Linksys Router Not Working”.

Linksys Router Setup
Linksys Router Configuration

It is necessary to set up your router or complete Linksys Configuration step to get your router ready for the usage.

  • Step- 1: Connect your device to the router through ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Step- 2: Open any of the updated web browsers in and type URL there
  • Step- 3: Type in OpenDNS addresses, in Static DNS 1 and Static DNS 2 fields.
  • Step- 4: Click on an available option as “Save Settings” and your router has been configured successfully and it’s ready to use now.

Linksys Router Login Not Working?

  • Be sure that you are writing the accurate Linksys router login IP: Most of the users facing troubles in login, mistype the due to which they get redirected to other websites instead of the router login portal.
  • Make sure to configure the Router: Most of the users often try to access the router login page without configuring their router to the computer. And so they usually face that Linksys Router not working. It is necessary to set up and configure a router with the computer to initiate the router login process.
  • Internet Web browsers should be updated: Make sure your Browsers are updated. Outdated web browsers usually fail to open the Linksys router login portal. So, make sure your browser is updated before you open router login page.

Final Words

I hope my Linksys Router Login post available here was helpful for you set up Linksys Router and complete Linksys Router Configuration step. If you still have troubles logging in your router or Linksys Router Setup step then comment below and get help from us instantly.