– Login Admin IP Login-Setting up a new router at your home or office? Well, is one of the most common IP address which might be used by your router or modem. Well, you must set up your router first in order to use the router and to do that you must complete 192.168.l0.1 Login step. If you are already using the router and wants to configure router setting or having troubles in accessing Admin page then this post will help you with everything that concerns 192.168.l0.1 Router Admin, configure router setting and router login.

If you forgot your username or password and thinking about resetting your router then How to reset Router Password information has been also provided which will help you reset your router. is the private IP address used by most of the routers, modems, and broadbands. 192.168.l0.1 IP address is one of the most common gateways used by the routers installed at the homes and offices. It is also or commonly known as the router host address.

Certain models of TP-Link, D-link, Linksys, Asus, Belkin, Billion etc routers brand use the same IP address as the default router IP address.

Accessing 192.168.l0.1 admin or router admin will allow the router or modem users to change router setting and get access to the router setting configuration portal. is the default gateway for most of the home and office using the internet routers. Login step will allow the users pursuing the same IP address to log into their router admin page, configure the router or a modem and change the router settings.

It is necessary to log into Admin portal in order to get access to the admin router portal and change the settings. Follow the steps shown below to log into your browser.

  • Step- 1. Connect your device to the router or modem through the ethernet cable or through the Wi-Fi.
  • Step- 2. Open any browser in your device type or simply click here
  • Step- 3. Select the right combination of default username and password for your router and type in the available space to enter router admin login credentials.
    • Default Username and Password for the most of routers is admin and admin respectively if you haven’t changed it yet.
  • Step- 4. Locate and click on an option available as “Login” in the end and you will be on your router settings or router configuration where you can change or update router settings.

It might be possible that you are unable to log into your account and may find troubles in accessing your configuration portal. If you are having so, check the section given below as What to do if I am Unable to access IP

Default IP Address, Username, and Password

Given followings are the router default IP, Username and password details for the various types of modems and routers through which a user log into the router admin portal and settings configuration page.

Model Device Type Admin Username Admin Password
WPB3000 Powerline Access Point,Powerline Adapter admin admin
FreeStation 5 AP admin admin
ARC Wireless
FreeStation 5 access point admin admin
DSR-1000 admin admin
DSR-500 admin admin
DSR-500N admin admin
DSR-150N router admin admin
DSR-1000N router admin admin
DSR-250N router admin admin
Eclipse WiFi
EW28650 in-wall access point root root
FON Wireless
La Fonera+ FON2201 access point admin admin
La Fonera 2.0g FON2202 access point admin admin
FON2501 router admin
W150NR router admin
MWN-TR150N travel router admin admin
WR850GP wireless router admin motorola
WG1800HP router
WG1400HP router
812L root 0P3N
AN0100 bridge
WRC-1000 router admin password
TEW-432BRP 3.10b10 admin admin
TEW-652BRP h w:v3.2r 3.00b13 admin admin
TEW-654TR access point admin admin
TEW-820AP access point,travel router admin admin
TEW-656BRG hotspot admin
TEW-716BRG hotspot admin
TEW-658BRM modem admin admin
TEW-436BRM modem admin admin
TEW-718BRM modem admin admin
TEW-752DRU router admin ”random”
TEW-751DR router admin ”random”
TEW-732BR router admin admin
TEW-712BR router admin admin
TEW-639GR router admin
TEW-432BRP router admin admin
TEW-632BRP router admin admin
TEW-812DRU router admin admin
TEW-731BR router admin admin
TEW-652BRU router admin admin
TEW-631BRP router admin
TEW-691GR router admin
TEW-671BR router admin admin
TEW-810DR router admin ”random”
TEW-823DRU router admin ”random”
TEW-733GR router admin ”random”
TEW-652BRP router admin admin
TEW-713BR router admin admin
TEW-651BR router admin admin
TEW-659BRV router admin
TEW-692GR router admin admin
TEW-827DRU wireless router admin ”random”
W622SL router
11AC NAS Router wireless router admin DZY-W2914NSV2
W2914NS wireless router admin DZY-W2914NSV2
3300 wireless router
V11 wireless router
X11 wireless router
ZSR0104CP router admin admin
P-2302R (blank) 1234
VFG6005 router admin 1234
VFG6005N router admin 1234
X-550 router admin 1234

Make sure you are the right combination of router IP address, username, and password to log into your router successfully.

Unable to access IP Troubleshoot Router

  • Most of the users misunderstand the ONE in as “I”. It is a numeric value “1”, not the alphabetic term “i”.
  • Make sure you’re writing the right IP, username and password combination as given above.
  • If you have changed your username and password and forgot your username and password, then you will need to reset your router.
  • If you are still unable to access the IP address or if the portal or gateway doesn’t work, make sure any firewall or antivirus is not running in the background.

Final Words

I am very sure this post will be helpful for you. If you still have any troubles in logging into your router login page or Login step then comment below and get help here as soon as possible.