– Login Admin is basically an IP address or a special address which can be assigned only to a designated clients device or it can be assigned to particular hardware as a Default address. This IP address is an extension of IPV4, mostly used for huge business networks rather than home purposes. Using this IP address, you can log in to a network and a server gets automatically connected.

There are a lot of IP addresses like, and each of these serves a different purpose. If your device is assigned an IP address of, then every device connected to the same will be an extension with a replacement in the end.

For example, if you get a router connected to the network, the router would be assigned an IP address, and this IP address wouldn’t be unique on public, but, will be unique in the respected private network.


How to Login with IP?

You won’t be able to able to login or access this directly like on the internet but can log in locally via your router.

Steps to log in

  1. Open your browser and then enter on the address fields.
  2. You would be directed to the configuration center where you must enter the login details of your router. Routers would be basically shipped with the build in login details and password. If you don’t have the same, you must rest the router and enter the default login credentials – Admin and password.
  3. You can access the same using even your smartphones or computer etc.
  4. Check along the different pages to find the network part, and then you must use either a dial-up or a DSL method in order to set this network up. You would find the details for the login from your respective network provider.
  5. Turn on DHCP, and this will enable your router to assign IP to the respective device. And you need to know this – You would get blocked if your device’s IP address isn’t matching with the routers within the LAN!


The main issues you might face with 10001 would be

  1. Not getting connected to – In that case, just open the command prompt and enter this – ping You must know that your device must be inside the home network, else if it is outside the network it wouldn’t get connected.
  2. You would receive an unresponsive as a message because of device failures


Which are The Devices to which the IP Address is assigned?

Even though we use this IP address for home networks, you can at the same time connect at home devices, PC or even your smartphones as mentioned. And some of the routers might have as a default address.